Using a zinc oxide wax, which is good for a senstive skin. No double dipping of wax spatulas. Post epliation lotion applied to body areas waxed, and mineral powder applied to facial waxing, for anti inflammatory/anti redness and soothing of the open follciles.

*Do not touch areas waxed on face for 2-4 hours post wax to avoid irritations and/or breakouts*

Eyebrows - $20
Lip - $20
Chin - $25
Nape - $35
Sides of face/cheeks - $30
Full Face (lip,chin,sides) - $60
Arm - Full - $45
Underarms - $30
Bikini - $50
Brazilian - $75
Full Leg - $75
Half Leg - $55
Full Back or Full Chest -$75
Stomach - $45



Eyebrow and eyelash tinting dyes the hairs,using a special dye safe around the eyes. Lasts 2-6 weeks.

Eyebrow tint - $20
Eyelash tint - $30



Initial Service : $180

2nd Service: $180

2nd service is required, but not mandatory 4-6 weeks after intial service. 

Free consultations (15minutes) available and mandatory to book microblading. 

Pictures available on our instagram page @rawbeautyinc or #cattsmicroblading


Eyebrow microblading is a type of semi permanent makeup. Ink is implanted below the epidermis of the skin, using a small blade which creates the look of hair strokes. Great for those with light, fine eyebrows. Eyebrows which have areas that will no longer grow. Lasts 8-24 months. Takes approximately 1-1.5 hours for each service.


Hands and Feet

Shellac - $40
A gel based polish for natural nails. The original CND brand. Removes with an acetone solution. Lasts up to 14 days. French, colour or nail art availble. Takes 15-30 minutes! Free touchups or repairs within 2 weeks. Great for toes as well!
*We can only do a proper removal of CND Shellac. If you come with any other brand of gel polish, we cannot guarantee a removal. But Shellac can be applied overtop*

Every two week shellac - $30

Accent Nail Art and/or Glitter - $5

Full Nail Art - $10

Manicure - $48
Nail shaping, ridges buffed, cuticles trimmed and skin around fingers smoothed,hand and arm massgae, CND Vinylux Polish ( french or color).

Manicure with Shellac - $63

Deluxe Manicure - $65
Full manicure with exfoliating hand & arm scrub, handmask, and parafin wax treatment! 

Polish Change - $25
Nails filed, buffed and CND Vinylux polish applied to Fingers or Toes.

Parafin Wax Treatment - $15
A warming, moiturizing liquid wax applied to hands or feet, for soothing of dry skin and promotion of circulation. 

Toe Clip - $25
Toenails trimmed, filed and buffed. Great for seniors and diabetics!

Pedicure - $75
Foot soak, callus removal (if needed), toenails trimmed, cuticles trimmed, feet and calves massaged with Gehwol products,  finished with CND Vinylux polish (french or color).

Pedicure with Shellac - $90

Deluxe Pedicure - $95
Full pedicure, with exfoliating foot and leg scrub, foot mask, wiped with hot towels, and parafin wax treatment!